Section customers have worked with partners who offer easy to deploy solutions for Section edge environments.

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Wallarm protects your applications and APIs with ultra-low false positives and no manual tuning from OWASP Top 10 threats, business logic abuse, bad bots, account takeover (ATO), and more.

Snapt Nova

Designed for containers, microservices, and service-discovery, with a lightweight, high-performance architecture, Snapt Nova WAF is ideal for Section’s Edge compute environment and DevOps teams.


ThreatX is an intelligent WAF that learns your application’s specific threat profile and automatically blocks threats while protecting legitimate traffic.


Security solutions from PerimeterX help you discover risks, prevent attacks, and act with confidence to win in the digital world.


Radware Bot Manager specializes in delivering a best-of-breed non-human traffic detection and management solution.

Optidash’s AI-powered image optimization technology strikes the optimal balance of image quality and file size, delivering exceptional digital experiences for end users.


Cloudinary's on-the-fly image manipulation and optimization accelerates page load times and improves user experience.

SiteSpect gives you the power to test your ideas, discover insights, and personalize the entire customer journey. Optimize the user experience without the limitations of JavaScript tags.