Visualize traffic across your Edge. Extract detailed logs and metrics.

Understand how your Edge stack is performing.

Use the Section Traffic Monitor to view real-time traffic flows and time series to evaluate performance, diagnose issues, observe patterns, and share value with key stakeholders.
edge traffic monitor

Powered by Adaptive Edge Engine

Edge routing, healing, scaling, placement and orchestration.

The Traffic Monitor allows you to visualize in real time how the Adaptive Edge Engine intelligently and continously tunes your edge delivery network for optimized efficiency.

Logs and metrics at your fingertips.

Quickly and easily extract the logs and metrics that matter to you.
Leverage standard ‘kubectl logs’ functionality to generate status messages around errors, security events, audit events, and other normal progress messages.
Telemetry Data
Section provides a /federate endpoint from which you can gather live, Prometheus-based metrics pertaining to your account.

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