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We all want the reliability, redundancy and speed of globally distributed multi-provider hosting for our apps.

But it sounds way hard and pretty expensive right? ...well not any more.

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A stunningly simple distributed hosting solution

Nothing to download. No new software to learn.

7 times faster than cloud.

Intelligently optimizing for resource efficiency.
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Deploy existing apps in one minute

No code rewrites. Deploy your existing containerized applications to single, multiple or many locations with zero downtime.

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Global multi-provider network

Enjoy the performance, reliability, and redundancy of a global multi-provider edge network from one single Section account.

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Cloud Native with no ops

100% Cloud Native familiarity. Manage multi-location and edge deployments without needing to spin up or manage any servers or even Kubernetes.

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Control means no surprises

Massive compute scale yet delicate control over utilized CPU and RAM. With simple, affordable, plans and pricing so there are no billing surprises.

* In tests, Section’s AEE consistently outperformed Cloud. Delivering optimized performance without incurring additional costs or resources.
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Avi Freedman

CEO - Kentik

“As a network observability company, Kentik has a global view of the internet combining passive and active measurements. Partnering with Section allows us to quickly and easily augment our edge deployments, and their cloud-native platform and partnerships make it easy and affordable to integrate as we continually expand our footprint.”

What are devs building on Section?

Life should be easy

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Continue to deploy application changes to your existing container repos. Devs can stay focussed on the app.

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No new command line tooling to download and learn. Section is 100% Cloud Native.

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No need to rewrite your application. Deploy existing apps in containers to Section directly from your existing repo.

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Point CI tooling to Section, scrape metrics and stream logs to your existing diagnostics tools.

We've got your back

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Our Composable Edge Cloud and Adaptive Edge Engine mean inter and intra region redundancy for your app.

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Use our Managed SSL Certificates provided by Let's Encrypt or BYO EV and wildcard certs for no charge.

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All workloads are covered by our dually redundant DDoS protection provided by two of the world’s largest DDoS networks.

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Section is SOC2 certified and PCI DSS Level 1 Audited.